Open your eyes: no room for discrimination
photography exhibition and events about discrimination
We've already been in Minsk, Brest, and Mogilev
And we're willing to visit your town!
One day, we, activists, found ourselves at the project "Tolerance Academy" in Munich, tuned into the beat and decided to hold the exhibition about the discrimination in Belarus. We did that with the assistance of human rights organization "Human Constanta" and intersectional LGBT + initiative from Mogilev "New Regions"!

Discrimination exists, it can be different. It can strike the eye and can be hard-to-see, however, even when it's hiding, it still hurts.
What can we do? To say the least, not to be cold-blooded. Here and now we invite you to think about the reasons for discrimination in our society.
We decided to tell the stories of the people who faced discrimination in Belarus on various grounds and they're ready to share this experience.
For someone the story is in the past, while for others – part of the presence. We encourage you not to pass by and not to close your eyes to the problems of discrimination.

On February 19, 2020 we opened the exhibition in Minsk where we suggested to the visitors not only to see 8 portraits about different types of discrimination in Belarus and read the stories of the people, but also participate in the educational programme. In the safe space, we had the opportunity to discuss different features of discrimination and what we can do about that. In February we also held the exhibition in Brest and Mogilev.
Nastya, the visitor of exhibition in Brest
"When I was going to the exhibition, I did not expect to meet with discrimination so close. Such honest photos and close stories under every one. Thanks to games by the organizer, the exhibition left a special mark inside of me, as I've started to think about how easily I can hang up a label on another human and make up a reason for their discrimination; about how I can be in the group of the outcast. My thanks to organizers of the exhibition and to everybody who could openly share their story."
Sabina, the visitor of exhibition in Minsk
"On the 20th of February I've managed to escaped any of my plans and attend the exhibition. "Open your eyes: no room for discrimination", which was made by the activists with support of human rights organization "Human Constanta".
At first sight you could see a good organization of the event, as the place when the exhibition was held in Minsk, space "Drugi paverh" made possible the creation of so-called "safe space", when everybody could see 8 portraits about different types of discrimination, to think about what is important, and later on even discuss this among people who don't care about (non-)discrimination in Belarus.
It's important to note that work that's been made by guys and girls is not only hitting, but is also reaching the soul. Usually it's hard to convince the person who was discriminated to tell their story, but the makers managed not only to convey people's stories to viewers, but with educational part discuss the problem of (non-)discrimination in Belarus by really interesting ways, which gathered totally different people in one place at one time."
Olezha, the visitor of exhibition in Minsk
"Most of all, of course, I was hooked by the educational part of the exhibition. First of all, I've never encountered with such format. This part started many different processes of realization, how tight we are surrounded by discrimination. But apart of that, it was important to me to leave with some kind of instrument to fight discrimination. And my speech became such instrument – I've figured out, how it is important to change it. And I've thought that this is what I want to work on in activist field too. And also the feel of gratitude to organizers of the exhibition for they collecting all the stories in one place, so different but so similar."
Victoria, the visitor of exhibition in Brest
"First of all, I liked the atmosphere of unity and cohesion of the meeting. Every opinion was heard, everyone took the participation in discussion of problems ant their solutions. I want to thank organizers for such format, as thankful to it, you've not only listened and safely forgot, but felt with soul and mind such vital problem – discrimination. I've immediately felt the urge to change something in this world and to change myself, change my attitude to the world and people around me. Thank you for enlightening me and continuing the enlightenment of this topic and actively fight it."
Krok, the visitor of exhibition in Mogilev
"I was lucky to visit the event by Human Constanta and New Regions – the exhibition and "I "I was lucky to visit the event by Human Constanta and New Regions – the exhibition and discussion "open your eyes" (the name which unobtrusively calls up with beautiful musical compositions of top groups Guano Apes and Hot Chip)
In this case "lucky" isn't just a word, but a constance of the fact. That day I've dedicated to help my friend move out from her house where she was psychologically pressured, and move to home town. Time to the train allowed to show her some positive side of Mogilev, and I'm glad that she managed to visit this exhibition and discussion of the discrimination.
The most bright thing in memory is how good Valdis was leading and moderating that part of the event, which was dedicated to discussion of discrimination problems in open circle.
Interactive game that at first seemed just a reason for a little movement, opened up with unexpected deep subtext and helped really personally, almost with your skin to feel, how for the simplest and seemingly unharmful things people in the past were persecuted.
Discrimination is irrational and to become the victim or the source of non-based violence such easier as it seems. Especially when we're not used to think about it.
For example, we just started answering question "Who is not liked in society?" and didn't notice how we reached deep pains and fears of non being accepted because of appearance and to seemingly forgotten and buried personal vendetta's with elder women in queues.
Behind of all of this unstoppable movement I've barely managed to look at the exhibition when I needed to run to the train, sending my friend away from her personal discrimination. Moments before the departure she shared that Mogilev in the end managed to seem before her as a really interesting and memorable side.
I'm sure, organizers and visitors made useful conclusions in the end. About myself I honestly could say: I've memorized that day by good and bad things. And Open your eyes is totally on the good side. And I sincerely want that people learn about power and cruelty of discrimination by such educational events, and not by their own experience."

We will be glad to hold the exhibition and educational programme about discrimination in your town!

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