The specific of work at Human Constanta is horizontality in decision-making and internal democracy in practice; the use of human defense instruments for solving social issues; engaging of all parties concerned in the dialogue, including state bodies and representatives of international organizations; work with volunteers; transparency in activities; the use of contemporary media and online technologies – this is what we write in official letters.

Saying it in another way – we at Human Constanta take decisions jointly, having listened to all participants. We don’t have chiefs and subordinates. Working with tasks, we do not see a situation from one side, but rather involve all parties concerned in the process: business, the state, international and national organizations, initiatives and individuals.

We want more people to become active and the civil society to become more involved in human rights defense. Our organization is open for cooperation, and we gladly invite volunteers and share what we know.

Our team aspires not only to practice human defense, but also to enlighten, teach, and find out new audiences. We work openly and transparently, using contemporary technologies for promotion of our ideas and values.

Human Constanta is an organization of a new form, and we are happy to have our friends with us this year. We aspire to positive changes and try to be constructive, and set our own example how interaction, support and cooperation help to attain goals.

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